Welcome to 7 Figure Flippers

We are a small and exclusive community of real estate investors who either currently have, or are progressing towards, 7 figures or more per year.

Membership includes a fully-managed lead generating website powered by top SEO experts, semi-annual onsite masterminds with some of the top investors in the country, and training modules that focus on doing six-figure real estate deals.


Lead-Generating Website & Fully-managed SEO

Thinking about doing SEO but don’t have time for all the work that’s required? We’ve got you covered with a dedicated team of top SEO influencers who will work around the clock to produce leads.

The best part? You own your territory and have a unique domain to add to your marketing mix.

7-Figure Flipper Community

Exclusive access to the 7FF private community where investors openly share top strategies without worrying that their competitors will learn all their secrets.

Semi-Annual Masterminds

Semi-annual mastermind events held in some of the most desirable investing markets in the U.S.A. The first event is right around the corner on October 18-19th in Napa Valley, CA. Don’t miss it!

High-Level Training Modules

Jason Buzi’s 7FigureFlipping webinar course. Unlimited access to training with $10,000 value.

Who We Are

7 Figure Flippers is a place where professional real estate investors can learn proven techniques and insider secrets to move from six-figures, to seven-figures a year and beyond. We’re a private community with member access restricted by telephone area code, which means that you won’t being sharing with your competition – and thanks to our community the more you share, the more you’ll make.

Our Beliefs

  1. We are or are in the process of becoming 7 figure flippers. We will not accept anything less than financial abundance for ourselves and our families!
  2. Sharing is caring. We are building a community and openly sharing our knowledge and experiences with others
  3. Life is more than money. We aspire to have a great lifestyle and give back to our community and those less fortunate.
  4. We are constantly learning and improving ourselves. We are well aware that we don’t know everything. We want to learn from each other and the best in the business.
  5. We don’t make excuses! When challenges come our way, we adjust and adapt and CRUSH IT!


7-Figure Flipper Package

$995/ Month
  • Modern Lead-Generating Webpage
  • Fully-managed SEO
  • Exclusive Access to 7FF Community
  • Protected Territory
  • Semi-Annual Onsite Masterminds
  • Private Coaching Videos
  • Fresh Content Published Weekly