7-Figure Flipper Community

No Excuses, No Regrets

We’re a small group of real estate entrepreneurs working together to help each and every one of our members hit the $1,000,000 annual income mark. Because access to the 7 Figure Flippers Community is limited to one telephone area code per member, instead of competing with each other we leverage the power of the group to help everyone get more deals done more often.

7 Figure Flippers began as a small, invitation-only group on Facebook where we shared insider tips and focused on just a few strategies to move from a six-figure income to our members making over $1,000,000 each year.

The results were nothing short of phenomenal, and now we’re looking to add a few more members, exclusive to one telephone area code at a time. Once we hit 300 members, or roughly 1/10,000th of 1% of the 28 million real estate investors in the United States, our doors will be closed for good.