About The Company.

Can you give as well as you can take?

When we launched our invitation-only real estate investment group on Facebook a while back we honestly weren’t sure how well it was going to work.

Sure, everyone wants to make money in real estate investing, and who doesn’t want to learn proven techniques to move from a six-figure income to steadily earning $1,000,000 or more per year, year after year after year?

But would members really want to share their tried-and-true investing techniques, ones that they had learned in the school of hard knocks?

And, would they also want to pay it forward and backward, giving to the group as much as they were taking?

The answer was a resounding ‘YES!’ and that’s what brings us to 7 Figure Flippers today.

The territory-protected model allows high-level investment strategies to flow freely.

Think about it: would you share your best insider tips on a public forum? Probably not.

But when you know you’re in a closed group and have no one in your area to worry about, the dynamic changes. Information barriers are broken down and the group becomes much more collaborative and willing to share.

Each and every one of our members believes that sharing is caring. 7 Figure Flippers is about making money, but it’s more than that as well – It’s about having a work-life balance and taking care of ourselves and our families. . . and our community!

If you’re currently not pulling in seven-figures a year as we speak, that’s OK.

Our goal is to work as a group so that all of our members can move from making six-figures, to $1,000,000 and beyond.

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