Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Learn more about our community and seller-facing websites: areacodehomebuyers.com (ACHB).

  • Our seller-facing website, www.areacodehomebuyers.com, is being heavily promoted nationwide and at a local level customized for each client. You will get your own profile page with a unique bio optimized for local SEO that sellers can recognize and trust as a local home-buyer.

    After we approve you application you will complete a questionnaire that allows us to begin building and ranking your page. Let us take it from there!

  • Not at all. We’ll provide the website and hosting (with a custom URL for your business card that redirects to your page).

  • This new platform will be all you need to run your online lead generation business. As all investor pages are under one primary domain, migrating in another URL is not technically possible. All investors will be issued a unique vanity URL for marketing purposes that forwards to their ACHB page.

  • The beauty of this turnkey solution is that you don’t have to spend time migrating your business branding to the site or develop and manage your own site. We will provide all the branding you need to be successful and supplement your current marketing efforts.

  • A fully-managed webpage that includes search engine optimized content, a bio page, the ability to create your own unique content (articles, projects, videos, testimonials, etc.), analytics, mobile optimization, hosting, lead notifications, email autoresponders and much more.

  • After completing an initial application that allows us to optimize your page for “local SEO,” not much. Though we encourage active involvement and give you the tools to do so, our goal is to provide you a lead generation page with as little effort on your end as possible.

  • Yes, creating or adding content through your dashboard is a piece of cake.

  • The territories are divided up by area codes. Investors may buy up to 5 area codes. For cities with multiple area codes, each area will be sold separately. To simplify the process for sellers and make it fair for investors, each contact form will require the seller to enter the area code of the property they are selling. Leads will be routed to the appropriate investor. City-based searches in Google (e.g. “sell my house fast Houston”) will rank our primary domain and the investors closest to the searcher (Google may show more than one Area Code Home Buyer).
  • There a setup fee of $0.00.

  • After the initial 3-month agreement, we allow a 30-day cancellation notice.
  • Due to the inherent nature of SEO, there is no way SEO agency, consultant or expert can guarantee results. Google protects their algorithm and although we will implement best practices and employ top SEO talent, there is no way to guarantee specific results.

    We DO, however, guarantee that our full package of community benefits, on-site masterminds, will greatly benefit you as an investor.

  • On an individual basis we can explore custom integration to your CRM. There may be an additional cost depending on the complexity of the integration.
  • Since the majority of our resources go to providing you top-notch SEO, we are lean in the support department. Simply click on a support link or drop us a line at info@areacodeseo.com and we will respond M-F between the hours of 8am-5pm CST.


  • 7FF is an open, collaborative community where experienced investors can share information without worrying about giving away trade secrets to competitors in their area. The protected territory model allows that to happen.

    If you are currently a member of the closed Facebook group, you know what to expect in terms of high level information being shared.

    There are multiple ways to make 6-figures per deal and 7-figures per year, and this group is about helping each other reach those goals.

  • Nope. Your monthly package includes the webpages and community features.

  • All paying members plus a small group of hand-selected, verified 7 figure earners that provide high value contributions to the community. Learn from them in a way that is not possible on public forums.

  • The goal with this group is to create an open, collaborative community where experienced investors can share information without worrying about giving away trade secrets.

    With the exception of a handful of top-level investors in the nation, we do not allow multiple investors in one area. Those areas are separated by area and the cities in those area codes.