Semi-Annual Mastermind Events

Mastermind Events

As a member of 7 Figure Flippers you’ve got the good fortune to attend our high-level, real estate Mastermind meetings for a nominal cost!

Our first ever Mastermind Event was held in the San Francisco Bay Area in October 2017.

Thirty investors from around the country attended the two-day event. Each investor was given time to present a “give” and an “ask.”

Not only were key relationships forged, but deals were made and tons of high-level information was shared. Everyone walked away a better investor.

Are you interested in attending our next event? Register now for our April 2018 Mastermind Event. Details to follow through email and on our Facebook page.

In the company of titans, such an amazing group – feeling so grateful to have been a part of the Mastermind these past two days – thank you Jason Buzi for organizing this incredible event and thanks to everyone for their willingness to help and support each other to get to the next level.

Aaron Henretty - Bay Area

The first 7F Flippers Mastermind has concluded! What an amazing meeting it was full of such high caliber investors from across the country! Thank you Jason Buzi for putting this together we are all very grateful! Time to go start implementing all the Golden nuggets we have retained to grow ourselves and our business!

David Wilkinson - Florida

Big props to Jason Buzi, for putting together an epic mastermind! And thanks to all who came out and made it great. High quality group of people. I learned a ton and was more than humbled by the knowledge and caliber of attendees.

Jeff Pollack - Bay Area

Honored to have been part of the Mastermind the past two days. The knowledge shared was tremendous. Thank you Jason Buzi for putting this together. Simply outstanding!

Frank Iglesias - Atlanta

It was a great networking, and “eye opening” event.
Wish everyone more success as we go back to our daily activities.

Wody Edji - Houston

Big shout out to Jason Buzi for putting on an epic mastermind. What a honor and privilege to be with such a high caliber and transparent group of investors. I left the event with a total paradigm shift that is going to take me to the next level.

Dean Higa - Los Angeles